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Anonymous asked:

How did Lelouch gain his immortality?

It’s never actually been confirmed that he did gain immortality, a big part of the fandom believes that he gained the power of immortality when he killed Charles. I also believe that he did but there is no proof that it is true. The famous Wagon scene at the end of the last episode leads tons of fans to believe that he is still alive, but their is no proof that it is him after all. We all still hopes that it is him (:

Hope I helped you answer his question.

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Episode 2:

Just finished watching this episode and it was wonderful the animation was amazing and beautiful and the Nightmare fights were just awesome. (: Everyone should go watch it, links to the episodes on my last post :]

Only bad thing about the episode… not enough Lelouch! haha

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